Tskneti Villa

Private Client
800 sqm
Tbilisi, Georgia

The plot, of which the one family house takes¬† part, has a natural fold that was the starting point for the design of the building’s body. A reinforced concrete slab suspended above the falling terrain forms an extension of the upper elevation. Reinforced concrete slab supported by the system of columns provides a clear zoning of the house; living area on the ground floor, entrance and the bedroom area on the upper floor. The horizontal layout of the building is made even more distinctive with a decorative glided brick wall facade . It gives the impression of a naturally created horizontal structure.
The key element of the project, and the tenet of the philosophy of shaping space is to enable reception of architecture from the inside.
The screen of glass walls of the building provides a transparent shield while maintaining important viewing axes for the users.
The internal atrium with manifest stairway provides an interesting architectural experience. Facade is covered with custom made decorative brick and wooden strips creating a sense of natural environment.