Project Description

Impact Hub

Impact Hub
600 sqm
Tbilisi, Georgia

DesignBureau studio was commissioned to design a 300 m 2 co-working space, which would function under Impact Hub brand in Tbilisi, Georgia. The premises were part of a larger brownfield development of an old textile factory into a modern multi-functional urban space called Fabrika Tbilisi. The intention was to design a well-functioning, flexible workspace, while maintaining the heritage of the building and introducing ethnic Georgian elements. The space was divided into three offices, two meeting rooms, co-working space, kitchen and two breakout/relaxation areas.  Meeting rooms are separated by remotely controlled garage door, which can be lifted to combine the two for larger groups. In addition to flexibility this also creates a startup vibe associated with a garage. We tried to source most of the materials and furniture locally. As noise absorbents we used ethnic carpets on concrete floors that also creates coziness. Suspension lamp for the kitchen and mobile/folding wall with vintage dresses represents revitalization of the building’s history, as these garments were made in this very building in soviet times. We tried to maintain the history of the building by largely preserving the wall pattern, two colors with industrial look.