GD Holding

GD Holding
300 sqm
Tbilisi, Georgia

The office is located in a listed building in the historical area of Tbilisi. The building itself and the location largely influenced the design process. The beams, stone segments, brick patterns were deliberately exposed to let them narrate the history of the building and to let office employees and visitors celebrate their imperfections. Rough terracotta bricks on walls contrast with new materials such as glass doors used to separate individual offices. Slick and elegant mirroring surfaces reflect the richness of the building’s rough clay bricks and old metal beams.
While designing the office space, DesignBureau tried to maintain and further expose original materials used in the building, including marble staircase and brick walls. These were further complemented by wood panels and custom made ceramic tiles. The combination of the mentioned materials creates an upscale and comfortable ambience in the office. Delicate balance of original old materials with modern slick finishing produces interesting eclectic fusion of old and new. The interior complements focused work in the office space, while generating a “wow” factor for external business visitors. Two of the leading local photographers, Dima Chikvaidze and Irakli Bluishvili, were commissioned to capture distinctive features of this particular and other historic buildings in the city. The photos were later hung on office walls to further enhance the office design and emphasize on architectural heritage.