TBC Office

TBC Bank
3.000 sqm
Tbilisi, Georgia

The project commissioned by country’s one of the largest banks – TBC Bank, based in Tbilisi, Georgia, was part of a major structural revamp of the company and aimed to create a workspace aligned with new culture and working environment of the company. The space consisted of three independent floors in total of 3000m² located in a pre existing office building. Proposed design included entrance, which served as a reception, open working spaces, meeting rooms, private rooms, restrooms and service areas. The decision to propose an open office fully reflected the agile working environment allowing different departments to gather as a one whole team and helped to emphasize the sense of unity. Space also organically integrated private office rooms and conference rooms. All materials used were locally produced. Furniture was custom designed to give workers possibility to be part of the dynamic and intense open working space and the same time have own privacy. Dominant element of the interior, printed and painted walls are also work of Georgian artists.