Silknet Flagship

1,000 sqm
Tbilisi, Georgia

Silknet is a telecommunication company that delivers various telecom services to more than one million customers across the whole country making it the the largest telecommunication company in Georgia and the entire Caucasus region. In 2019 they invited DesignBureau to give its vision for a flagship store to be located in an underground commercial area in the core of Tbilisi.

Following the CI guidelines developed by GRAFT Architects, DesignBureau imagined a multifunctional space in which the company can express its values and ambitions. The iconic blue color of the company have been applied on different surfaces, from walls to glasses and soft furniture; the unique geometry of the concrete ceiling is lit by linear light coves that create an homogeneous and gentle lighting. Customers are welcomed by a display area shaped following Silkent logo’s geometries; high tables have been placed in and open area useful for assistance and product testing. Enclosed rooms offer space for events while the traditional offices works for personal consultation.